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 Quality Management

Owning a successful business requires several key components including innovation, collaboration and cooperation. Companies should consider investing in a quality management system for the following reasons; increase customer satisfaction, save money and time, reduce risk, improve product or service quality, increase competitive advantage and enable sustainable business growth.

If your company has no systems in place to control your processes or measure customer satisfaction, you are merely guessing at what the customer expects. Evidence shows that every business can benefit from a quality management system.

A well thought out and implemented quality management system will provide more satisfaction to director’s, management and all employees. With a QMS they have a tool to demonstrate they have done 100% of the job. They also know to whom and where to give a direct feedback on methodologies from their own experience. Management will have a clear view on the demands of the customers, in terms of quantity as well as quality.

By establishing quality standards, policies, procedures and processes, mistakes are greatly reduced and or eliminated which in turn saves in both time and money.

Business Management Systems will help you to create a fully documented QMS will ensure that two important requirements are met:


  • The customers’ requirements – confidence in the ability of the organisation to deliver the desired product and service consistently meeting their needs and expectations.


  • The organisation’s requirements – both internally and externally, and at an optimum cost with efficient use of the available resources – materials, human, technology and information.