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 Help with Constructionline Accreditation and Certification

There Successful businesses are always looking for ways to streamline their processes. Often, this is about more than just saving time and money, as it also promotes security. Essentially, the fewer components there are in any process, the less there is to go wrong. Where certain processes are commonplace throughout an industry, it therefore makes a lot of sense to standardise them as much as possible as this makes them clearer and simpler for all concerned. This was the rationale behind the creation of Constructionline.


The importance of health and safety in the construction industry is self evident. Construction work is undertaken in an environment that can be extremely dangerous to both workers and members of the public and involves using very powerful and often potentially lethal equipment.

Therefore although, in principle, health and safety legislation applies across all industries, the standards are particularly high for the construction industry.

Another distinctive characteristic of the construction industry is the extensive use of contractors and sub-contractors. While all businesses are likely to sub-contract work to some degree, the practice is particularly widespread in the construction industry since projects typically require input from individuals or organisations with a wide variety of skills from architects and civil engineers to labourers via all kind of skilled tradespeople.

Project-managing this type of workforce is a highly skilled job with many different aspects to it. Consequently both contractors and the organisations for which they work both appreciate anything that makes their working lives easier.

This is exactly where accreditation schemes such as Constructionline step in.  Constructionline provides a seal of approval for a contractor’s safety standards and therefore saves contractors the need to verify their regulatory compliance to each client’s satisfaction and saves buying organisations the need to satisfy their own legal obligations by undertaking pertinent checks on each and every contractor they hire. This saves time, money and effort on both sides. It can also help to make an accredited contractor more attractive to a hiring organisation.

Constructionline Consultancy

In principle, any organisation that is compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation should be able to pass the Constructionline accreditation process without any problems. In practice, the process can become much quicker and simpler when it is undertaken under the guidance of a Constructionline consultant, like Business Management Systems. 

A Constructionline consultant will be familiar with Constructionline’s expectations and will help the client to meet them. The consultancy process will typically start with a very thorough review of the client’s existing health and safety documentation. This is absolutely vital to the application and hence we will work with the client to ensure that any necessary improvements are made before the start of the formal auditing process. 

Depending on the client’s needs, this could involve anything from updating existing documentation to creating relevant documents from scratch. Only once we are satisfied that the documentation is of a standard which is acceptable to Constructionline will we submit the questionnaire on behalf of the client and upload the health and safety documentation for Constructionline to review.