Information Security Management

Information Security Management

Owning a successful business requires several key components including innovation, collaboration and cooperation. Companies should consider investing in a information security management system for the following reasons; increase customer satisfaction, save money and time, reduce risk, improve product or service security, increase competitive advantage and enable sustainable business growth.

Do you need a recognised way to overhaul your information security systems?

Do your information security systems need to improve against increasingly sophisticated attempts to steal important data?

ISO 27001 (also known as ISO 27001:2022) is a proven standard that enables companies to secure their information assets against cyber attacks and other information theft. Smaller businesses are not safe from such criminal activities, in fact they are just as likely to be targeted as larger companies. Business Management Systems can help you to secure your company’s valuable data against future attacks.

What is ISO 27001?

Revised in 2022, ISO 27001 is part of a group of standards which has been designed to help organisations keep their information safe. It has been designed to integrate easily with other management systems. It enables businesses to establish, implement, operate and monitor an information security management system, as well as maintaining and improving it. The standard does not rely on any one platform or technology but enables the business to manage IT systems and risks.

With the introduction of GDPR, it is even more important that organisations are able to keep their customers’ data safe. ISO 27001 involves a top-down approach which prompts managers to consider the risks and opportunities that could cause technology issues both internally and externally. Managers will need to install policies that help to analyse and prioritise potential risks to the business. Business Management Systems can expertly help a company to ensure that their information security complies with current and future regulation.

What are the benefits of working with Business Management Systems to implement ISO 27001?

The ISO 27001 standard is aimed at all businesses that manage and store data, to help them minimise the risks which occur in the event of a cyber attack. Securing sensitive information and ensuring that companies treat it carefully is at the heart of the GDPR legislation and following the right processes can help to reduce the risk of legal penalties.

Bringing an outside company in to work with existing management, enables the organisation to gain a valuable outside view on how well the information security systems work and the likely risks that exist. Business Management Systems, is experienced in advising on ISO standards for companies and enables a company to comply with the law and protect itself.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to know the risks to an organisation’s technology and understanding how to negate them
  • The opportunity to bring processes into alignment to enable everyone in the company to follow them
  • The chance to involve everyone in the business, from top management to employees in information security
  • The ability to meet statutory and regulatory requirements, including global legislation
  • The ability to align with other ISO standards
  • The opportunity to work more efficiently
  • The chance to gain more customers because they understand that you are trustworthy with their data
  • Large or small businesses benefit from tighter information security

How does ISO 27001 work?

The ISO 27001 standard is a process that enables a company to improve their information security. It encourages management from the top down to strategise how best to protect valuable data from customers and employees. Businesses implementing the standard must consider a number of factors to help them use it effectively. The standard should not be treated in isolation, but considered alongside the organisation’s mission, values, products and services, the sector, human and financial resources. Management should consider the culture, capabilities and contracts involved and how external influences could impact on this, should an information security breach occur. Committing to using ISO 27001 offers a proven system and the security of a global standard.

Business Management Systems can work with both big and small businesses to improve your information security. We can help your business implement an audit and put a process in place which will enable you to protect your valuable data. Through our ‘Plan Do Check Act’ planned cycle, we can help you to identify the processes needed, enable implementation and monitor progress. The results can be used to take action to improve performance. The process will grow and change with the company.

We know how important data security is to you and we are willing to work with you to establish a secure process which protects your data, now and in the future, as your company grows. Any size of business can improve their information security through the use of the standard, ISO 27001, so please do get in touch to see how we could help you.