Everyone Benefits when Businesses Operate to High Internationally Recognised Standards

Everyone benefits when businesses operate to high internationally recognised standards. When food is prepared safely, environmental issues are tackled responsibly and information is kept secure, everybody – from corporations to consumers – is protected.

Everyone Benefits when Businesses Operate to High Internationally Recognised StandardsThis is where certification and standards come in; when they are applied consistently and are monitored and assessed by knowledgeable and experienced industry bodies, every aspect of our lives and businesses can be improved.

Business Management Systems Ltd is an organisation that offers consultancy to achieve UKAS accredited ISO certification, combining a range of assessment and certification options in areas such as Environmental Management, Information Security Management, Quality Management Systems and Health and Safety Management Systems.

Business Management Systems Ltd’s effective and efficient services have earned it a glowing reputation in its field. Assessment and certification services are monitored and checked by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), which means that our work is verified and measured against incredibly high standards.

ISO Certification standards are vital for a range of industries and sectors, and Business Management Systems Ltd offers consultancy for a variety of standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 and ISO 27001.

ISO 9001 Quality management systems certification

Under ISO 9001 standards, Business Management Systems Ltd is able to assess management systems. These are relevant to businesses and organisations internationally, in a vast array of industries and sectors. This certification helps a company to demonstrate that they have successful quality management systems in place, assessing the eight principles of management that are known to enhance and improve a business:

Customer focus



Process approach

Systems approach

Continual improvement

Decision making

Supplier relationships.

ISO 9001 standards were created to bring together existing advice on management and quality that had previously been part of a confusing array of principles that could be applied to different industries in different ways. By gathering the information together in this way, standards could be kept high, and there would be a central consolidation of the best advice and information in one single accreditation.

Business Management Systems Ltd can take these best practices and monitor and assess companies’ adherence to the guidelines, offering UKAS-accredited certification to demonstrate a high standard.

ISO 9001 certification can offer a wide range of benefits for any modern organisation. This can include increased consistency and reliability in the products and services offered, more control over – and documentation of – processes and better awareness among employees of quality standards and how to meet them. What’s more, costs can be minimised due to improved systems and a reduced need to scrap or rework items, as well as the markets that can open up when ISO 9001 certification has been achieved; this is because some contracts favour businesses that have accomplished this accreditation.

ISO 14001 Environmental management certification

The experience and expertise within Business Management Systems Ltd means that they are perfectly equipped to advise and assess companies and organisations for ISO 14001 certification, which is founded on having a robust and responsible environmental management system.

As both social and legal pressures on industry increase, the importance of building environmental responsibility into all systems and practices within a business is always increasing. ISO 14001 guides companies to identify, control and manage environmental concerns so that they can have a clear understanding of what is required of them, according to industry law, and how to meet the standards they are legally obliged to achieve.

Business Management Systems Ltd objectively assesses a business’s comprehension and implementation of a “plan – do – check” principle, which encourages ongoing improvement within industry and commerce. This is based on the following progression:

Plan: Understand and recognise relevant legal and environmental issues facing a business and establish a system aimed at minimising the negative impact the company could have

Do: Implement the factors identified during the planning phase in the business

Check: Regularly assess and monitor these systems, ensure that legal requirements are being met and deal with any issues that arise.

With Business Management Systems Ltd’s input, companies can make sure that the plans they produce, the systems they implement and the ongoing assessments they undertake are suitable, robust and effective. By achieving this certification, organisations can assure their customers that they are being environmentally responsible, while also feeling confident that they are complying with all relevant laws.

OHSAS 18001: Occupational health and safety management systems

Health and safety compliance is an essential part of modern industry, yet many companies find it a confusing and complex process to navigate. Business Management Systems Ltd can assess organisations for internationally recognised certification that demonstrates that they are complying with health and safety law.

OHSAS 18001 utilises a Plan – Do – Check process, similar to that used for ISO 14001 certification. In the ‘planning’ stage, health and safety legislation is clarified and potential dangers in the workplace are identified. Next, a plan is drawn up that takes into account relevant risks and laws and creates a safer, healthier workspace for all.

The ‘doing’ stage requires the company to implement the procedures that were decided upon during planning. This will vary from company to company and industry to industry but, in most cases, it includes setting up suitable and relevant training, preparing documentation, setting up and overseeing activities and being ready for any possible emergencies.

The ‘checking’ phase of the process requires a company to keep accurate records of any incidents that take place that are a risk to the health and safety of its staff or customers, to carry out audits, improve on systems that prove to be ineffective, and deal with unexpected events.

ISO 22000 Food safety management systems

Business Management Systems Ltd is perfectly positioned to assess the food safety management systems of any organisation at any stage in the food chain. Because of the potentially vast reach of any foodstuffs in modern industry, the careful monitoring and assessment of each stage of a food’s journey is absolutely essential if public safety is to be maintained.

The global food market is, therefore, monitored by a global set of requirements, put together by a combination of authoritative bodies such as the World Health Organisation. The goal of this certification is to guarantee that safe and responsible systems are in place, regardless of where in the world food is produced. This means that, from farming to manufacturing to delivery, food is always treated with safety in mind.

ISO 22000 also removes confusion when standards vary in different regions or countries. By consolidating and harmonising what is required, regardless of location, businesses that deal with food preparation or delivery can feel confident that they are complying with regulations.

Business Management Systems Ltd can assure organisations that they are in good hands if they apply to be assessed by our consultants. Many businesses choose to combine ISO 22000 certification with other ISO standards, such as ISO 9001, which is ideally suited to complement the food safety assessment; the skills, processes and criteria for each can benefit the other.

ISO 27001 Information security management certification

The ability to manage information security within a modern business is increasingly important in a world where hackers attack and compromise even the best-protected online systems. Customers and clients expect their information to be stored safely and securely and achieving ISO / IEC 27001 accreditation can play a part in reassuring people that their details and data are safe.

Business Management Systems Ltd assesses businesses’ abilities to safely and proportionately manage the security of the information they hold. The accreditation requires companies to have robust systems in place that demonstrate a clear understanding of information management and security issues. These systems must be effective and safe and, although ISO 27001 is especially suited to organisations in finance, health and IT sectors – where information security is particularly important – this certification can benefit any industry that wants to act responsibly with regard to the storage of data.