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 Health & Safety


There is a strong moral, legal and economic case to do more to reduce the unacceptable level of injury and ill health in the workplace.

The moral reasons are centred on the need to protect people from injury and disease while they are at work. The legal reasons are embodied in the criminal and civil law, and the financial reasons come as a consequence of infringements of health and safety law with the consequent fines, compensation payments, associated financial costs and even, in extreme cases, imprisonment.

Employer duties under common law are often mirrored in statute law. This, in effect, makes them both common law and statutory duties. These duties apply even if the employee is working at a third party premises or if he/she has been hired by the employer to work for another employer.

All recognised occupational health and safety management systems have some basic and common elements. These are:

 • planning phase; 

 • performance phase;

 • performance assessment phase; and

 • performance improvement phase.

Like all management functions, establishing control and maintaining it day in day out is crucial to effective health and safety management.

Business Management Systems Limited help companies achieve compliance by providing a wide range of bespoke health and safety consultancy services, focussed on business objectives and activities.